Our Prices

Affordable Specialist Family Lawyers & Divorce Solicitors

15min Consultation

  • Short Introductory consultation with no charge
  • Brief discussion about the matter
  • Short outline how we could assist
  • Outline of the likely cost
  • No obligation to proceed with instruction
  • Opportunity to ask questions

1H Consultation

  • Fixed fee of £100 plus VAT
  • 1-hour legal advice
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Outline of the process and procedures
  • Option to proceed with full representation
  • No obligation to proceed
  • Outline of the likely cost

Fixed Fees

  • Fees agreed at set level
  • Excellent quality of work at an agreed price
  • No hidden fees
  • Invoice issued at the commencement of the agreed work

Hourly Rates

  • Hourly rates starting from £180 for junior lawyer/trainee
  • Solicitor £200 plus VAT
  • Senior solicitor £250 plus VAT
  • Monthly itemised invoice
  • Cost estimate at every stage of the process