High Net-Worth Divorce

High Net-Worth Divorce

Divorce is often a heart wrenching, emotional and stressful time not only for the parties involved but also their families. Whilst the process of divorce is the same for all individuals, in cases where parties have a high net-worth, divorce cases are hardly straightforward and raise numerous technicalities, which require expert consideration and analysis to ensure that the best possible conclusion is reached for both parties and their children and parties are not deprived of their entitlement.

Whether you are considering commencing proceedings for a divorce, or have received a petition from your estranged spouse, our dedicated team of experts at FisherWright have considerable experience in representing high net-worth clients. With our expert legal knowledge, dedication to client care and the desire to maintain a good bond with our clients, we will not only provide you with clear and comprehensive guidance and legal advice at every step of the process but will ensure that your best interests remain protected at every moment.

Our solicitors are qualified to assist you in all aspects of divorce, which includes assistance with the divorce process, the division of matrimonial assets, or arrangements in respect of your children. You can rest assured that our solicitors will provide you with clear and comprehensive advice and guidance at every step, ensuring that the legal burden is taken away from you so that you can focus on the things that truly matter.

FisherWright solicitors often represent clients of a high net-worth to achieve financial remedies or settlements in respect of their matrimonial finances and are well equipped to deal with all types of assets. Such assets include businesses, interests in a business, shares, investments, properties, assets held internationally, assets in the form of trusts, inheritance claims, division of pensions and valuable items that include vehicles, jewellery, valuable art collections and designer items.

Often in cases where there are a large number of assets involved, there may be an issue of non-disclosure, concealment or even a risk that one spouse may undervalue assets or much worse spend or dispose of those assets in order to defeat a claim for a financial remedy. In such instances our expert team of solicitors will be able to assist you in making an application to have assets preserved by way of a Freezing Order or alternatively have such transactions set aside by the Court or added back to the matrimonial pot.

For further information in relation to divorce, finances on divorce or child arrangements, please visit our respective pages, our feel free to contact our solicitors who will be able to provide you with specialist advice.

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