Level 1 Application

Travel Documents, Replacement Residence Permits BRP, NTL – starting from £600 plus VAT

Level 2 Application

Visit Visa

Neutralization and Registration as a British Citizen

EEA/EU residence and permanent residence

Starting from £1000 plus VAT

Level 3 Application

Family Reunion

Spouse, partner, civil or unmarried partners of non-EU nationals

Parents route applications

Dependent child visas

Student visas (Tier-4)

Long residence in the UK

Starting from £1500 plus VAT

Level 4 Application

Adult Dependent Relatives

Points based system applications (except Tier-4)

Immigration Bail

Starting from £1500 plus VAT

Level 5 Application

Asylum Applications


Judicial Review (excluding Counsel’s fees)

£3000+VAT (£600) =£3600.00

Renewal of Judicial Review


Appeals (lodge)

£500+VAT (£100) = £600.00

Completing and submitting an application for AR

£500+VAT (£100) = £600.00

All Appeals-preparation of case (excluding advocacy)

£3000+VAT (£600)= £3600.00

Advocacy- Fee per Hearing (including travel Time and expenses)

Case Management Review Hearing/ Direction Hearing in outer London

£600+VAT (£120) = £720.00

Full Hearing (outer London)

£900+VAT (£180) =£1080.00

Court of appeal Cases

£250.00 Per Hour+ VAT

Counsel’s fees are excluded and will be quoted on an individual basis.