FisherWright Solicitors can assist with all aspects of immigration law within our niche immigration department.

Our immigration team at FisherWright can assist you with a wide range of immigration cases, ranging from asylum through to obtaining British citizenship, and even judicial review.

What separates FisherWright Solicitors from competition is not only our first class legal expertise in the area of immigration law, but also our outstanding client care.

From the very beginning, we take a personal approach to your immigration issue, focusing on how we can use the circumstances of your case not only to your best advantage, but also to ultimately obtain the result that you need.

Immigration Lawyers West London

When you first contact FisherWright Solicitors with your immigration issue, we will give you the opportunity to explain in some detail exactly what you need from us, and in turn, giving us the opportunity to explain how we are able to help.

Member of our team is accredited by the Law Society Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme IAAS, with Level 2 Senior Caseworker and Supervisor status.

This means that your immigration law case will be dealt with professionally and with expertise from day one, and that you can be confident that your case is in safe hands.

Once you instruct the immigration team here at FisherWright Solicitors, we will devote as much time and effort as needed to obtain the very best result possible for you under United Kingdom immigration law. We can help with a range of Immigration services including: Asylum and Refugee LawBritish, CitizenshipEU and EEA MattersImmigration AppealsUK Ancestry Entry ClearanceLong ResidenceFamily and Dependant Related Visa Applications and Citizenship by Investment.

Here at FisherWright Solicitors, we not only focus on our first class legal expertise, but on providing a personal and client-centric service. In other words, we take time and effort to get to know you, in order that we can best service your needs.

Immigration law is a complex and often long winded area of law, meaning that visa applications, immigration enquiries and citizenship matters, as examples, can take considerable amounts of time to process, given the numbers of checks and enquiries often undertaken by the relevant government department(s).

As a result, it is best to ensure you have expert legal advice  on hand to ensure that matters go according to plan, and everything runs smoothly.

FisherWright Solicitors recognises that if you have an immigration issue to deal with, it is likely to be an anxious and difficult time for you, your family and loved ones. Perhaps your right to stay in the United Kingdom is at stake, or you are wanting to claim asylum here.

By virtue of the nature of immigration law, whilst it is also a legal matter, your immigration matter is likely to be highly personal. FisherWright Solicitors will help you every step of the way, providing the legal help that you need, but also a supportive and understanding service. This means that you can be confident that your case is in safe hands, will be dealt with by experienced professionals, and in a caring environment.

In order to have an initial and informal discussion with a member of our dedicated and professional team, please contact FisherWright Solicitors today. We look forward to hearing from you.