Divorce is usually an unhappy and difficult time for all those involved, and here at FisherWright Solicitors, we recognise this.

Whatever the circumstances of your divorce, and in particular where there is a dispute over finances and assets, child matters we are here to help.

FisherWright Solicitors have considerable experience in dealing with divorce and financial matters relating to it, and with our expert legal knowledge and superb client care, we are able to help you every step of the way.

We understand that you are likely to be stressed, upset and emotional about your situation, and having helped many people in circumstances similar to yours, FisherWright can assist you in seeking the best outcome in relation to your case. We can advise you as to whether your case meets the legal requirements to pursue a divorce, and if not, what your alternatives may be.

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Judicial separation and nullity Lawyers West London

Judicial separation, or legal separation, is an alternative to divorce and is the legal process by which a court rules that a couple are legally separated, in what is called a decree of judicial separation.

This differs from divorce in that it does not dissolve a marriage, and the couple will still be married, but no longer have to live together.

Marriage annulment, or nullity, is another way in which a marriage can be legally ended, whereby a court declares that a marriage was never valid, and orders that a couple’s status returns to what it was before the marriage.

Marriage annulment is rare, and applies in very limited circumstances. The marriage can be declared void, in other words, that it was never valid, or alternatively, voidable,  which is where it was valid, but only until the annulment was declared.

Whether considering judicial separation or marriage annulment, FisherWright Solicitors can help you.

We have extensive experience in helping individuals like you with judicial separation and marriage annulment, and recognise that regardless of the circumstances, it is likely to be a stressful, emotional and difficult time for you.

Financial matters during a Divorce

Financial matters relating to divorce and separation can often be the most complex and difficult of areas to agree upon. Coming to an agreement as to how finances should be split, the extent to which financial support should be provided, and the separation of assets are difficult matters to settle.

Here at FisherWright Solicitors, we have extensive experience of dealing with financial matters of this nature, and we have a track record of obtaining the best results for our clients in these cases.

We also realise that dealing with these issues can be stressful and upsetting, and not only will we provide you with first class legal expertise, but also the support that you need in order to get through the situation as best you can.

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