About Us

Every Client Matters

About Us

Every Client Matters

At FisherWright we believe in people and every client is important to us.

We have a friendly, open and responsive approach to our clients, ensuring that their needs are paramount.

With years of experience, our lawyers built remarkable reputation and expertise offering an excellent legal advice to our clients with the highest degree of client care.

We listen, analyse and use our legal knowledge to deliver the best service for you or your business.

As we say: “It begins with your choice and ends with us making it happen”.

Fixed Fee Consultation £100 + VAT

Choosing a good and reliable legal representative can be difficult. While you can get a good idea of who we are and how we approach things by visiting our website, meeting one of us in person might be important for you.
We offer initial fixed fee consultation of £100 plus Vat (when applicable). In this consultation which will last up to one hour, you can meet with one of our lawyers and discuss your matter in confidence; this will allow you to see if we are a good choice.

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In order to have an initial and informal discussion with a member of our dedicated and professional team, please contact FisherWright Solicitors today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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